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Access to Luggala Estate – October 2021

Keep up to speed on access by following us on twitter @LuggalaAccess.

In line with Government and HSE guidelines, all Covid-19 public health restrictions that were in effect on the Estate will be lifted from Friday October 22nd, 2021. Visitor access/exit to the Estate will remain via the ‘Kissing Gate’.

Before making your journey to the Estate, we would be grateful if all visitors would email [email protected], in advance of any planned walk. Keeping track of visitor numbers to the estate helps support our conservation goals, which includes protection of the natural heritage of the Estate and the wider landscape.

The Luggala ‘Estate Liaison’ will continue to greet visitors at weekends, welcoming you in addition to outlining our ‘Code of Conduct’ and the ‘Leave No Trace’ ethos.

At all times while on the estate visitors are asked to remain on the footpaths and trackways.

  • Please note, in line with our ‘Code of Conduct’, dogs are not permitted on the estate.
  • Luggala is a private working estate and farm, so there may be times when work activities require that access to the estate is restricted. This means that planned walks may not be accommodated, so please email in advance, or follow us on twitter.

Luggala Estate is a Natura 2000 designated site, Special Protection Area, and a Special Area of Conservation. It is also located in a ‘Blue Dot’ high water quality catchment area, as designated under the EU water framework directive. This is a fragile landscape.

Thank you for joining us in respecting the pristine environment, the protected wildlife, the pure uncontaminated waters, and the people working and living on the Estate.

Be aware that there are no public toilets, no drinking water, and no mobile phone coverage on the Estate.

Be reminded;

  • No dogs
  • No fires
  • No camping
  • No Drones

Please leave no trace, take all rubbish with you when you leave, and remember – always stay on the path, road, or trackways.

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