The Valley

Hidden in the Wicklow Mountains is a magical valley named Lug a’ Lágha (Luggala) which simply means a hollow in a ridge.

The Luggala Estate extends to over 1800 hectares and is one of the most spectacular upland landscapes in County Wicklow. It is designated an EU Natura 2000 habitat as a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and Special Protection Area (SPA). It is located in a ‘Blue Dot’ high water quality Catchment area as designated under the EU Water Framework Directive.

The Environment of Luggala is a living historic landscape. It is extraordinarily fragile and sensitive to environmental degradation, biodiversity loss, soil erosion, and other negative impacts including Climate Change. Environmental conservation and enhancement is a core strategy of Luggala Estate Limited and an integral part of Luggala’s capacity to be self-financing and therefore truly sustainable

The Estate Management plan includes key biodiversity actions to conserve, develop and restore highest priority species and habitats and produce a rich and diverse wildlife community.